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Many people, especially students, want to know all the details right down to "What kind of canvas do you use?" or "Where can I get those brushes?" and I have to laugh, because, really none of those things are anwhere near as important as the basics that I discuss in my instructional DVD —like especially drawing and values.

And further, if you've known many artists for very long, you know that what is their favorite thing right now may not be a year or two from now.

Still, nothing about what I use is a secret. I do experiment a lot, and I have tested as many non-toxic materials as I can, because I am committed to making my painting studio as free of toxins as an oil painter can. (Many of the colors, especially Cadmiums are inherently toxic, so I wear an industrial rubber glove on my "rag hand"—the one I hold a rag in to wipe my brushes on).

I also want to make clear that at this time I make no residuals or profits from listing or linking to these resellers. I do so only as a courtesy to students and professionals and the inherently curious among you who want to know.

Brushes and Scrapers

If you like langnickel brushes and yet hate their quality, I have the solution. Rosemary and Co., based in England, worked with me to develop a higher quality brush that outmatches langnickels. I use these exclusively now. My favorite ones are #278 and #279 models. The Long Filbert and Long Flats. Their regular filberts and flats are excellent too. Here is the link to the mongoose hair brush line. My only benefit in sharing this information is that they will stay in business so I will always be able to buy these brushes. CLICK HERE

JA - The Holbein Steel Canvas Scraper T1068-1 (Double Edged) (Good luck finding it)

JA - Claessens Acrylic Primed Linen - I buy it by the roll. I prefer the acrylic primd becasue I can tone it with either oil or acrylic,
and this particular wweave has a "tooth" I really enjoy.

For all my smaller paintings, I use Sourcetek panels.

As my turpentine substitue, I use Wallnut Oil made by M.Graham.
I use their alkyd version for mixing as well.

Paints and Mediums, and Stretchers

Everything else I buy from Carter-Sexton Fine Art Materials in North Hollywood. It's a mom-and-pop store that's been in business since 1944, and the people there are dear to my heart. They will be happy to ship anything they sell.

From them I buy Winsor & Newton Oils, M.Graham Walnut Oil, Stretcher Bars and so much more. Call them at (818) 763-5050 and ask for Chris.