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Epic Paintings

Named that due to their complexity

"The Prairie Church"

"The Prairie Church"
2016 Masters of the American West Exhibition & Sale


Snake Oil Salesman by Morgan Weistling

Snake Oil Salesman
36 X 56 oil on linen


The expression “Snake Oil Salesman” is often used to describe a person who is selling you something with fraudulent claims.  Back in the 1800’s throughout the West, there were traveling salesman who crossed the land from town to town selling what they claimed to be remedies for all manner of ailments.   These charlatans would pose as professors of medicine or doctors with dubious credentials to sell their fake medicines.

 Originally, Chinese laborers on railroad gangs had brought to America their own oil made from Chinese Water Snakes. The oil they used actually had healing properties for joint pain. Soon, a Western version was being produced from a plentiful snake at hand, the rattler.  Unfortunately, the rattler snake does not produce any of the benefits of the Chinese water snake. But that didn’t stop salesmen like this fellow depicted here.

To help sell their elixirs, an accomplice in the crowd would be chosen to come on stage and test the magic cure. As in this painting, the “shill” came on stage with his cane and now is examining the bottle. Soon, after a spoonful, he will hop around the stage without his cane to the delight of the enthused crowd. This “doctor” will not hang around long. Soon he will pack it up and be out of town before his customers realize they have been fooled.


Oregon Trail Family by Morgan Weistling
Oregon Trail Family
30 X 50


Family Traditions by Morgan Weistling


WINNER OF THE MASTER'S OF THE AMERICAN WEST PURCHASE AWARD (that means the Museum aquired the painting for its permanent collection)

Autry Museum Feb 1,2014


Crosing Cheyenne by Morgan Weistling

Crossing the Cheyenne River, Summer,1850
30" x 50"


Country Doc by Morgan Weistling

The Country Doctor
Masters of the American West, Autry Museum, Feb.2,2013




The Barn Dance by Morgan Weistling

The Barn Dance

34" x 40"

In 2001 I won the Prix de West award for my painting "The Dance". It depicted my daughter, Brittany, dancing to cowboy musicians. 11 years later, my daughter once again posed for me to now invite us to the "The Barn Dance".  We recently attended a barn dance and the idea was born as I went outside and looked in at the festivities going on inside. It is my attempt to capture that feeling of an invitation to come in and be a part of the warmth and joy taking place.


Doll Laundry by Morgan Weistling

The Doll Laundry
38" X 40"

2012 Autry Museum , Masters of the American West show


Fishing Hole by Morgan Weistling

The Fishing Hole

30" x40"


Where Stories Were Told by Morgan Weistling

Where Stories Were Told

Winner of the Patron's Choice Award 2011


Country School by Moegan Weistling

Country Schoolhouse,1879
44" X 60"
Masters of the American West show, Autry National Center Museum Feb. 2010
Winner of the Patron's Choice Award 2010


Indian Stories by Morgan Weistling

Indian Stories
40" X 46"
Winner of the 2008 Prix de West Purchase Award


First Dance by Morgan Weistling

The First Dance

40" X 60"
Winner of the Artist's Choice Award and the Patron's Choice Award 2008 at the Master's of the American West show , Autry Musuem of Western Heritiage


Quilting Bee by Morgan Weistling

"The Quilting Bee, 19th Century Americana"
44" X 64"

Masters of the American West show, Autry Museum, Glendale , Ca.
Winner of the Artist's Choice Award and the Patron's Choice Award 2007


Family Trade by Morgan Weistling

Family Trade
52" X 60"
(The Autry Western Heritage Museum aquired the painting for its permanent collection)



The Dance by Morgan Weistling

This is my 2001 Prix de West painting which won the Prix de West Award. 48" x 60".



End of Harvest  34 x 50  by Morgan Weistling

End of Harvest  34 x 50 



"The Twilight Dancers" by Morgan Weistling

"The Twilight Dancers"
30" X 40"