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"His Easy Keeper"
26" X 20"
In the course of searching out interesting people to paint, I came to know this gentleman, Mickey Michele. He is a 5th generation Californian whose great great grandfather was a vaquaro in LA in 1895 and was a horse trainer. The art of horse training has been passed down from generation to generation, He was trained to follow in the footsteps of his grandfathers. Mickey trains horses for mounted shooting and is expert in weapons of the time period.

I was inspired to paint him with his favorite horse Zappa. Mickey calls him his "Easy Keeper"—a term cowboys use for their horses that are very low maintenance, He can be put out on pasture and worked and doesn't loose weight. He doesn't need any special feed to maintain his shiny coat. Hay or pasture is all he needs and a few kind words and a "atta boy" every now and then.

SOLD at the Prix de West June 12, 2004.