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Pig Tails by Morgan Weistling

"Pig Tails"  24x18"
 Trailside Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ; 'A View to the West' November 11, 2017


Summer's Gold
Summer's Gold
Private Commission 


The Grape Inspector 22x26 by Morgan Weistling

"The Grape Inspector"  22x26


Eureka! 16x22 by Morgan Weistling

"Eureka"  16x22


"Her Little Lamb" 14x11 by Morgan Weistling

"Her Little Lamb"  14x11


In Her World by Morgan Weistling

"In Her World" 32x22



"Dressmaker's Shop, 1886" 30x45 by Morgan Weistling

"Dressmaker's Shop, 1886"  30x45


Last year I gave a presentation at the Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum during the Prix de West exhibit. As part of my presentation my good friend, and fellow artist, Nshan Stambolyan, made a video to accompany it.  Recently, he added more footage from new Autry show paintings, and cut it as a little promo for me. He is really talented.
Here is a link to his website:




"The Railway Journey, Mariposa,1875"   34x22



Penny's Rain 12x9 by Morgan Weistling

"Penny's Rain"  12x9


"The Dove Keeper" 18x24

"The Dove Keeper" 18x24
2016 Prix De West


The Needlepoint Artist

"The Needlepoint Artist"
Trailside Galleries.